Muzzioli, Francesco

Muzzioli, Francesco: Associate Professor of Literary Theory at the University of Rome „La Sapienza“. Wrote many studies about Italian authors of the nineteenth century like Pascoli, Saba, Michelstädter, Pasolini, Calvino and Malerba. Especially interested in the history and critical reading of the avant-garde. Published many books about criticism and method. Publications: Le teorie della critica letteraria. Carocci, 1994 (up-to-date edition, 2005). Teorie letterarie contemporanee. Carocci, 2000 (about the critic debate of the 90s). L’alternativa letteraria. Meltemi, 2001 (essays on avant-garde theory). Le strategie del testo. Meltemi, 2004 (about rhetoric analysis of literature).


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