Nagwa, Elzeini Taha

Nagwa, Elzeini Taha, Dr.: born in Egyptia, present Position: Assistant Prof. of Linguistics and Translation at Univ. of Helwan, Egypt.; Academic Background: Ph.D. Criteria for the Evaluation of Translation: A Pragma-stylistic Approach, Published in UMI, Michigan University, 1995. M.A.: Greetings and Farewells in Cairene Society. Membership and published papers: 1-Du’a’ in Translation: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Comparative LiteratureEnglish and Arabic Perspectives 1996. 2- Expressions of Gratitude in Cairene Arabic: A Pragmalinguistic Study. 3-Essays in Honour of Muhammad Enani 1999: Cairo Studies in English. 4-A Suggested Model for Testing Translation. 5-A Preliminary Experimental Study, Hawliah International University Isalmabad, Pakistan, Issue No.7, 1999 13-60. 6-Context of situation between Firth and Al-Jahiz: A study in contrastive rhetoric. Membership: Vice President of Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities in Jordan (APETAU); member in the following international linguistic, translational Associations: GYPTESOL, AUC, and CACE.

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