Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja

Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja: born 1963 in Zagreb, Croatia. Married; two children. Scientific associate at Linguistic Research Institute, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 1989 graduated from Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb (comparative literature and linguistics). 1995 M.A.:“The semantics of an idiolect“. 2001 Ph.D.: „Making a Thesaurus of the Croatian language“. Scientific interests: conceptual lexicography and semantics, contact linguistics, particularly Croatian in contact with English. Publications: 2004, Konceptualna leksikografija: prema tezaurusu hrvatskoga jezika (Conceptual lexicography: towards a thesaurus of the Croatian language); „Hrvatski u dodiru s engleskim jezikom“ (Croatian in contact with English) in: Hrvatski jezik u dodiru s europskim jezicima (Croatian in contact with European languages).


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English In Croatia: Past And Present (16.Nr.)

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