Obleitner, Friedrich

Obleitner, Friedrich, Dr.: Since 1988 staff member of the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, Innsbruck University. Experience in mass- and energy budget investigations at glaciers and ice sheets. Participated in corresponding projects in the Alps (MaB/6, IHP/IHD), Antarctica (wintering over at Neumayer station in 1981/82), Greenland (ISLSCP, GRIP-92) and most recently in Iceland (TEMBA) and Spitzbergen. Selected references on polar research: with Erath S.,Kohler J., Greuell W. and Melvold K., 2005: Comparative simulations of snow and superimposed ice at the Kongsvegen glacier, Svalbard, in: The Mass balance of Arctic Glaciers, extended abstracts, Workshop, 13-15 January 2005, Pontresina, IASC Working Group on Arctic Glaciology, 50-60. 2004: On the performance of unaspirated, plate-shielded thermometer screens, in: Atomatic weather stations on glaciers, Lessons to be learned, workshop 28-31 March 2004, Pontresina, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 76-83. with Kohler, 2003: Regional patterns of meteorological variables in the Kongsfjorden area, Svalbard, The Changing Physical Environment, Norsk Polarinstitutt Internrapport 10, Tromsø 2002, 145-148. 2000: The energy budget of snow and ice at Breidamerkurjökull, Vatnajökull, Iceland, Boundary-Layer Meteorol. , 97, 385-410. 1996: On a foehn event at the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet; in: Mass balance and related topics of the Greenland Ice Sheet, GEUS Rapport 1996/53, 45-50. 1992: Atmospheric Turbidity at the Antarctic Coastal Station Georg-von Neumayer (70 oS, 8 oW, 40m MSL), Journal of Applied Meteorology, Vol.31, 1202-1209. 1987: Die glazialmeteorologischen Arbeiten während der ersten Überwinterung an der Feorg-von-Neumayer Station 1981/82, Dissertation Universität Innsbruck, 205pp.

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