OH, Zhang-Huan

OH, Zhang-Huan, who is a professor of Architectural History & Theory in Pukyong National University, he was born in Seoul KOREA in 1966, graduated from Hanyang University, achieved Ph.D. in the title of A Study on the Philosophical Essence and Practice of the Organic Architecture. His research interest is especially in modern architecture as cultural exchanges between East and West. Recent publications related to the above areas are as follows: On the Modern ‘Universal Philosophy’ Idea-Presentation of Avant-garde Art Groups at the Turn of the 20th’s Century, On Searches for ‘Purity’ in Modern Art and Influences of Froebel Education, On the Meaning of Orientalism in Western Art toward Modern, etc.

Email: OZH@pknu.ac.kr

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Orientalism as an Encounter with the East and West toward Modern (17.Nr.)

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