Ozimova, Halima

Ozimova, Halima. Emeritus, Visiting MBA Professor, member of  International NGOs “Strategy-civilization, gender, stability”, Uztea,  VDLUs, a Regional IATET Coordinator for  Central Asia, http://www.iatet.com/index/show/page/local-committee,a member of ISCH: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/isch/directory.php. She is moderating following CS Forums: “2200 Young Tashkent!”, SKOLKOVO.. A NEW CS destination?! NGOs as PILLARS of CIVIL Society, Celebration of Novruz, Navruz, Nowrouz, Nooruz, Nauroz, Nevruz… She moderated discussions on Cities, culture and languages in virtual worlds: At threads at Uzbek CS Group Page ”Adventures on the Great Silk Route”. Further: Exploring Uzbekistan Byte by Byte. JURA SOYFER ist LEBENDIG! SEATTLE and TASHKENT are Sister Cities! Das Jahr der Kulturhauptstadt Europas „RUHR 2010“. Tu felix Austria! Fünf Tage sind es noch bis zum Mauerfall. „Die Mauer muss weg“

Today’s ESP issues in Central Asia. English for Specific Purposes. „EU Literature Goes to Turkey, Turkish Literature Goes to Europe“. Would the Russian be the Second language in Central Asia for the next 50 years? O’zbekiston – Tashkent nazim va nasrda. Tatars Seek Official-language Status In Russia. The biggest Turkish Festival in USA . At threads at CS forums „CS Wien 50+
ARCHIVED: Linz09 – European Capital of Culture. She moderated the Ning „Uzbekespteachers

Working languages : Uzbek, Russian. English, German.

More Information: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/isch/

Email: halima43@mail.ru or halima43@rambler.ru

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