Pabst, Christiane M.

Pabst, Christiane M.: born in 1973 in St. Pölten, Austria. Obtained a Masters degree at the University of Vienna, where she studied German Philology, Philosophy, Pedagogic and Psychology. 2001: doctorate degree in German Philology (the main focus of her dissertation being on German Linguistics). 2002 – 2004: Post-doctorate qualification in General Linguistics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Concerned with the topic Pesquisa de campo numa comunidade lingüística de falantes de Alemão em Minas Gerais („Field Research on a German-speaking speech community in Minas Gerais“). Took part in post-graduate seminars at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro that dwelt on the following topics: „New tendencies in the pragmatic field“, „Longitudinal studies in socio-linguistics“, and „Variations, changes and linguistic ideology“. At moment, she is working on her habilitation project entitled Analyse des deutsch-österreichischen Ausgleichsdialekts in der Sprachinsel „Núcleo João Pinheiro“ in Minas Gerais/Brasilien at the University of Hamburg in Germany. College docent at the Berzseyi Dániel College (Szombathely/Hungary) and a collaborator on the projekt „arbuk“ at the German Department II, University of Hamburg (see Her work focuses on phraseology/idioms, socio-linguistics, language islands, lexicology, lexicography and semantics. Publications: „Sprache als System und Prozess“ (ed., 2005); „Die Entdeckung der Sprachinsel Núcleo João Pinheiro (Brasilien): Streiflichter zu Mentalität, Interferenzerscheinungen und Phraseologismen“ (In: „Sprache als System und Prozess“, 2005); „Untersuchungen zur Systemabhängigkeit der Phraseologie im österreichischen Deutsch“ (2003); „Wörterbuch der Redensarten zu der von Karl Kraus 1899 bis 1936 herausgegebenen Zeitschrift‚ Die Fackel’“ (collaborator at the editorial office, ed. by Werner Welzig, 1999).




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