Patnaik, Ajay Kumar

Patnaik, Ajay Kumar: Centre for Russian & Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi . Executive Editor of Quarterly Journal on Central Asia titled Contemporary Central Asia, New Delhi, India. Publications: Nations, Minorities and States in Post-Soviet Central Asia, (Anamika Publishers, New Delhi, 2003) . State-building in Tajikistan, Research monograph, (published by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Calcutta, 2000). Central Asia Between Modernity and Tradition (Konark Publishers, New Delhi, 1996). Commonwealth of Independent States- Problems and Prospects (ed.) (Konark Publishers, New Delhi, 1995). Perestroika and Women Labour Force in Soviet Central Asia (New Literature, New Delhi, 1989). „Central Asia’s Security: The Asian dimension“, in R.R. Sharma (ed.) India & The Emerging Asia, Sage, New Delhi, 2005 (forthcoming) . „Education, press and public health in Central Asia, 1850-90“ in Irene Iskender-Mochiri (ed.) Towards Contemporary Civilization: From the mid-nineteenth Century to the Present Time, (Forthcoming) in Volume VI of History of Civilizations of Central Asia, UNESCO. „Pluralism: Russia and India“, in Arun Mohanty (ed.), India – Russia: Dialogue of Civilizations Moscow, 2003. „Russians in Central Asia“, in R.R.Sharma and S.K.Jha (ed.), Reform, Conflict and Change in CIS and Eastern Europe, New Delhi, 1998. „Russian minority in Central Asia“, World Focus, Vol. 25, no.3, March 2004. „Central Asia and CIS integration“, Contemporary Central Asia, Vol.VI, no.3, 2002. Bridging identities: Russians as „we“ in Central Asia“, paper presented at the Second International Conference on Dialogue of Civilisations, organised by Centre for Russian Glory, Moscow, held at Rhodes, Greece, 1-3 October 2004.


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