Petrilli, Susan

Petrilli, Susan: Associate Professor of Semiotics at the University of Bari (Italy). Works at the Department of Linguistic. Practices and analyses texts at the same University. Principal research interests: design theory, subject theory, theory of meaning and language, communication theory, problems of ideology and translation theory. Publications: Su Victoria Welby. Significs e filosofia del linguaggio (1998). Teoria dei segni e del linguaggio (1999). Following with A. Ponzio: Signs of Research on Signs = Semiotische Berichte (3,4/1998). Fuori campo. I segni dell´eccedenza tra rappresentazione ed eccedenza (1999). Philosophy of Language, Art and Answerability in Mikhail Bakhtin (2000). Il sentire della comunicazione globale (2000). Thomas Sebeok and the Signs of Life (2001). I segni e la vita. La semiotica globale di Thomas A. Sebeok (2002). Semioetica (2003). Views in Literary Semiotics (2003). Semiotics Unbounded. Interpretive Routes through the Open Network of Signs (2005). With Thomas A. Sebeok and Augusto Ponzio: L´ io semiotico (2001).


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Social reproduction and language as work and „modelling device“ (16.Nr.)

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The Responsibility of Power and the Power of Responsibility: From the „Semiotic“ to the „Semioethic“ Animal
(in: Macht der Zeichen, Zeichen der Macht. Festschrift für Jeff Bernard, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd.3)

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