Putter, Anne

Putter, Anne is currently in her first year of MA English studies at the University of Johannesburg, where she has been awarded the University of Johannesburg’s prestigious Next Generation Scholarship. She completed both her BA Journalism and BA Honours English degrees at the University of Johannesburg, graduating cum laude. Her BA Honours English research paper dealt with post-colonial, Indian Ocean literature, namely Julia Blackburn’s The Book of Colour, and was read within a theoretical framework based on the ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin, focusing specifically on issues of childhood and ambiguity. Anne has a keen interest in South African literature of the present and her research interests lie particularly in processes of transition, ambiguity and transgression. Her MA English research paper will seek to identify and consider how depictions of the city of Johannesburg are being altered and modified in contemporary South African literature.

Email: anneputter@gmail.com

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Reinventing and reimagining Johannesburg in three post-apartheid South African texts (18 Nr.)

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