Rahlff, Elsebet

Rahlff, Elsebet, born 1940. Childhood partly spent in New Zealand. Studying at the State Design School at Copenhagen to become a visual artist specialized in working with textiles. Since 1963 participating in a series of exhibitions in Denmark, France and subsequently Norway, espescially aftersettling there in the mid 1960´s, and playing a major role in the presentations of new art forms, such as happenings and  installation work. 1996: her project Fahnen für unsere Welt (World Flags) was among other places presented at the Alexander Platz in Berlin (Germany), as well as being presented in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Bergen and Århus. 2004: participated in the Research trip to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) organized by INST in 2004, and her video Blick auf Barentsburg (Gaze on Barentsburg) was presented at the IRICS-conference in Vienna, 2005. Rahlff has also been lecturing and tutoring students as an associate professor of the State School for Art and Design in Bergen.

Email: rahlff@c2i.net

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WORLD FLAGS – a visual art project – concept and produced by Elsebet Rahlff (17.Nr.)

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