Rewers, Ewa

Rewers, Ewa: Professor of philosophy and theory of culture at the Institute of Cultural Studies, Adam Mickiewitz University AMU (Poznan, Poland). In her latest works she concentrates on questions related to the urban cultures, architecture, and philosophy. Publications: Social Linguistic-Artistic Awareness (1991). Language and Space: The Poststructuralist Turn in the Philosophy of Culture (1996). Post-polis. The Introduction to the Philosophy of Postmodern City (2005). Editor of the books: The Reconciliation of Identity and Difference (1995). Space, Philosophy and Architecture (1999). Man within Culture in the Threshold of the 21st Century (2001). Modernity after Postmodernity (2005).


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Consuming signs, space, and pleasure: The Culturally Embedded Social Reproduction (16.Nr.)

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