Richards, Kimberly

Richards, Kimberly: Past President of the Southern African Counselling Association. Founder of the African Counselling Association. Serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, Journal of Counselling and Development, Journal of Psychology in Africa, Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS & Health. Former Head of Guidance and Counselling Department, Prince Edward School, Zimbabwe. Former educator at University of Zimbabwe, California State University Fullerton, North Carolina A & T State University. Currently a Technical Advisor for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Zimbabwe Office HIV Behavioural Change Project. Professional interest include the psychological experiences of HIV/AIDS counsellors when counselling HIV/AIDS clients, the psychological experiences of HIV/AIDS clients when being counselled, multiracial/ethnic/cultural identity development, the impact of oppression/colonialism on identity development, counsellor education and supervision, school and community counselling, HIV/AIDS behavioural change.


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The Impact of Colonial Culture in apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia on Identity Development (15.Nr.)

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