Roberto Mazzini

Roberto Mazzini, founder of Giolli in 1992, former teacher in primary school, attended through several theatre experiences from Third Theatre, Mime, Commedia dell’Arte, and also from no violent training, bioenergetics and psychodrama. Baccalaureate in Psychology.

He leads workshops with Boal’s method (Theatre of the oppressed) and co- ordinates and supervisors all the Giolli projects and trainers. He’s director of the new borne Giolli Theatre Company with which he has performed in several Conferences and Festivals.

He has written many articles and contributions for books in relation with the T.O. method and its applications in different fields. He collaborates with the international review Under Pressure that collects articles from groups operating with the T.O. method all over in the world. With Giolli he collaborated in the European project “Spielend Leben Lernen” where a new university curriculum for theatre pedagogue in social field was experimented and the following “Twisfer” about dissemination of some part of this curriculum in other 12 countries.


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