Rollan, Francoise

Rollan, Francoise, Dr.: born in France. Migrations Internationales Territorialités Identités, équipe TIDE, CNRS, Bordeaux, France. Research d irector in CNRS, specialized on Turkey and Central Asia. Doctor in Geography. Researcher in the Scientific National Research center of France, carrying out researches on Turkey and especially on ethnic and religious Minorities in Turkey, that are studied through general representative elections. Another center of interest related to the minorities is the border problem, studied in Central Asia where it is a very difficult problem to be solved since it has strong links with the minorities and because it deals with eight countries. More, the borders are quite difficult to survey because of harsh relief. Traveled a lot in several countries: Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and northern Tajikistan. Publications: with SOUROU Benoit. Turkish Migrants in France: A very exclusive Turkish Community. (2005, not yet published). Border infiltrations by Islamist Movements and drug Traffickers in former Soviet Central Asia: local, regional and global Involvement. (ESCAS, Krakow, 2005). (2004). Learning to live with frontiers: New frontiers in Central Asia. Publié en anglais avec une carte des minorités en Asie centrale, dans UNISCI-Discussion Documents N°5, May 2004. ( ). (2004). Minorités et construction nationale en Turquie (pp149-192). In: Minorités et construction nationale, sous la direction de Michèle BOUIX. Pessac, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine, 2004, 212p. (2004). Tigre, Euphrate: des eaux internationales ou territoriales? Confluences méditerranéennes, N°52, Hiver 2004-2005, p.173-185.


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