Rothenberg, Donald Ellis

Rothenberg, Donald Ellis, Dr.: born 1946 in Los Angeles, USA. Lives in Vienna, Austria. Married, two children. 1987 Doctoral Dissertation „Transpersonal Aspects of Video in Art and Therapy“ Institute of Transpersonal Psychology California, USA. Research areas: identity, home, language, culture, europe, nazi era, anti-semitism in Austria, politics, global perspectives, human rights, rich & poor, state of world. Released 3 CD´s of original songs: Foreign Man, Face Your Heart, Letting 8. Publications: Ashes Ashes All Fall Down. (novel). Participant: INST Culture Conferences 2003, 2005 Vienna; 1X World Congress Constructivism/Cognitive Therapy 2005; Goteborg, Sweden (Dalai Lama in attendance); First Congress World Council for Psychotherapy Vienna 1996; 3 rd Intl. Conf. Client Centered Psychotherapy Gmunden 1994. Photographer, Poet, Song Writer, Writer, Visual Artist. Teacher: Vienna Bilingual Schooling Program, Vienna School District since 1995.


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Face Your Heart: Transpersonal Aspects of Teaching/Working in Multi-Cultural Settings (15.Nr.)

The Use of Video in Facilitating Transpersonal Experience (16.Nr.)

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