Saariluoma, Liisa

Saariluoma, Liisa is professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Turku, Finland. Her research interests are the history of the European novel from the late 18th century to the post-modern era and the history of literary research.

Books written by her:

  • The Ontology of the Literary Work of Art in René Wellek and Austin Warren’s „Theory of Literature“ (in Finnish, 1980),
  • The Metamorphoses of the Novel (in Finnish, 1989),
  • Der postindividualistische Roman (1994),
  • Nietzsche als Roman: Thomas Manns „Doktor Faustus” (1996),
  • Erzählstruktur und Bildungsroman: Wielands „Agathon“, Goethes „Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre” (2004),
  • Milan Kundera, the Last Modernist (in Finnish, 2005; English translation in preparation).
  • She is also the editor or the co-editor of a number of book-length publications.


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