Safran-Naveh, Gila

Safran-Naveh, Gila, Professor Gila Safran Naveh received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of California. She is the Judaic Studies Department Head and Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Chair at the University of Cincinnati. Her primary interests are Holocaust and genocide studies, critical theory, Freud and Judaism, Kafka, Humor and Gender studies. Among her most popular courses are Literature of the Holocaust, Jewish/women’s Humor, Freud and Judaism, Jews in Film and Salon Culture. Her books include The Formal Complexity of Natural Language (1987) and Biblical Parables and Their Modern Recreations: from Apples of Gold in Silver Settings to Imperial Messages, in 2000. She is working on a third book entitled Unpacking the Heart with Words: Women Survivors of the Holocaust Healing through Narratives of the Self. Professor Naveh has published numerous scholarly articles and served on a variety of committees for the promotion of equal rights and the advancement of women. She received the university A. B. (Dolly) Cohen Award for excellence in teaching, in 1996, the Edith Alexander Award, in 2000, and the prestigious George C. Barbour Award, in 2006,  and Fellow of the Academy of Teaching g and Learning in 2010. Recipient of numerous research grants, Professor Safran-Naveh held the Skirball Fellowship for Post-Doctoral Studies in Hebrew and Judaica at the Oxford Center for Jewish Studies. She is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew and Jewish Studies and serves on the board of many scholarly journals.


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