Samba, Emelda Ngufor

Samba, Emelda Ngufor, Dr.: Theatre practioner and teacher of English and theatre in Cameroon. 2003: Doctorate in Drama and Performing Arts. Part-time lecturer of African theatre and drama at the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon, for six years. Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (DIPES 11) (2005). Teaching English as a Foreign Language for the past ten years in high schools and Language Institutes. Theatre-for-Development consultant. Has conducted numerous training of trainers workshops in the area of theatre for social change in Cameroon and Germany. Artistic director of The National Association of Theatre Troupes in Cameroon and the Coordinator of the Fobang Mundi Theatre (semi professional troupe that uses theatre to dessiminate health messages.). Numerous stage and TV productions: Tangem Donatus’ The New Era, The Boomerang. Actress: roles both in and out of Cameroon, the most recent being Black Persephone in Werner Fritsch’s Femmes, Noire a Blanche, a joint African European project done in Germany. Her prominence in the Cameroonian theatrical scene earned her a place on the International Visitors’ Program on Performing Arts in the U.S. Society in April 2005. Member of the African Literature Association (ALA), Anglophone Cameroonian Writers, and People Theatre for Social Change.


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The Arts, Culture and HIV/AIDS Victims: Meeting Community Needs through Theatre (16.Nr.)

Bericht: Die globalen Probleme des modernen kulturellen Prozesses (16.Nr.)

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