Schaarschmidt, Gunter

Schaarschmidt, Gunter: Professor emeritus of Russian at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Ph.D. Slavic linguistics, Indiana University, USA. Research interests: study of minority languages, especially Sorbian in Germany and Doukhobor Russian in Canada. Publications: Upper Sorbian (Languages of the World/Materials, Vol. 160). Munich: LINCOM, 2002; A Historical Phonology of the Upper and Lower Sorbian Languages. Heidelberg: Winter, 1998; „Language in British Columbia“. In: Language in Canada. Cambridge (UK), 1998; „Aspects of the History of Doukhobor Russian“. In: Canadian Ethnic Studies 27/3 (1995). Current research in trilingual lexicography, especially Sorbian- German-English, and in Doukhobor Russian ritual language.


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Four norms – one culture: Doukhobor Russian in Canada (15.Nr.)

Language Shift and Text Types: Reconfiguring the Ritual Language of Doukhobor Russians in Canada (16.Nr.)

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