Schechter, Madeleine

Schechter, Madeleine, PhD: Assistant Professor at the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University. Main field of research is the aesthetics of the grotesque or the aesthetics of liminality. In addition to aesthetics her interests include semiotics, gender theory and feminism, and performance theory. Published several articles on grotesque/liminality, semiotic aesthetics, language of images, modernism and postmodernism, and poetics. Currently working on a book concerning the relationships between modernism and postmodernism, entitled „Autonomism and Contextualism in Art Theory: A Semiotic Perspective“, and a book on grotesque, entitled „Defining the Grotesque: An Aesthetics of Liminality.“


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Liminal Places of Memor(ies): The Etzel Museum in Tel Aviv (17.Nr.)

Liminal and Hybrid Aspects of Intersemiotics (16.Nr.)

Conviviality, Gender and Love Stories: Plato’s Symposium and Isak Dinesen’s (K. Blixen’s) Babette’s Feast (15.Nr.)

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