Seif, Farouk Y

Seif, Farouk Y.: professor of Whole Systems Design Graduate Program at Antioch University Seattle (USA). Architect and Design Consultant. Prior to becoming an American citizen, he was born and raised in Egypt with a Coptic background, a descendent of ancient Egyptians. Received his PhD from the University of Washington in 1990. Doctoral dissertation, „Semiotics and Urban Morphogenesis“, is an interdisciplinary inquiry designed to reinterpret the ancient Egyptian experience for thoughtful reflections on modernity. Taught design, creative thinking, and visual communication in several universities in the USA and Egypt. Has published, lectured, and exhibited his artwork internationally. His contributions to semiotic conferences include his paper „Sign Processes and Notational Design: Demystifying Design Thinking and its Representation,“ at the IASS-AIS Congress in Dresden (Germany) in 1999. His main interests are the metaphysics of design, wholeness, and semiotic and design communication.


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Social Change in The „Aperspectival World“. The Paradox of Social Reproduction and Cultural Innovation (16.Nr.)

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