Sengupta, Arputharani

Sengupta, Arputharani, Dr.: Associate Professor in History of Art at the National Museum Institute, Deemed University in New Delhi. Earlier she taught in the University of Madras, Chennai in India and in Nigeria. Sengupta has specialized in Art History in India and the USA. She studies patterns of cultural and aesthetic relationship in art and literature and has contributed to leading publications and symposiums. Dr. Sengupta´s book on Art of Terracotta focuses on folklore and ritual in India and in her forthcoming book on the Buddhist Jewellery she investigates cult and cultural synthesis in India, with particular reference to Roman art and culture. As signs of existential and contextual reading she bridges the aesthetic dimensions of object to subject and its place in history, philosophy, literature and anthropology. As versatile practicing artist, Dr. Sengupta has also exhibited extensively and has received several awards for her painting, which are in public and private collections.


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Manimekalai. Dancer with Magic Bowl. Narrative in Tamil Epic (Second Century AD) (16.Nr.)

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