Shamir, Ziva

Shamir, Ziva: born 1946 in Tel-Aviv. Full professor in the department of Literature, Tel-Aviv University. Former chairperson of the Katz Institute for Literary research & head of the Rosenberg School for Jewish Studies. Author of 10 research books: Poet of Poverty: Folklore in Bialik’s Works (1986). Not For Adults Only: Bialik’s Children’s Poetry (1986). And Where Shall Poetry Be Found: Ars Poetica in Bialik’s Works (1987). The Vagrant Bard: Avant Guard and Alterman’s Poetry (1988). Love Unveiled: Bialik’s adapted legends (1991). The Origins of Originality: Ratosh and the Cnaanite Poetry (1993). No Story, No History: Bialik’s Prose Works (1998). Sites and Situations: Poetics & Politics in Alterman’s Works (1999). To Her Hidden Track: The Ira Yan Affair and Ch. N. Bialik (2000). The Return of the Street Organ: Children’s Poetry by Nathan Alterman (2005). Editor of 25 research books.


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Baudelaire’s Translations into Hebrew and Modern Hebrew Poetry (16.Nr.)

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