Silkü, Atilla

Silkü, Atilla, Dr.: professor of American Literature at Ege University, Izmir, Turkey. 1991 doctorate with dissertation on a comparative study of Edgar Allen Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Research areas: 19th Century Studies, Anglo-American Poetry, Postcolonial Studies, Multiculturalism, Women’s Writing and Slave Narratives. Taught American Poetry, American Drama, Modern English Poetry, US Government and Politics. Articles on Emerson, Poe, Louise Erdrich, Robert Lowell, Gertrude Bonnin, Mari Sandoz, and two books on William Carlos Williams and contemporary Asian-American poetry. Member of ASAT (The American Studies Association of Turkey), EAAS (The European Association of American Studies), PALA (The Poetics and Linguistic Association), IDEA (English Language and Literature Research Association), and ESSE (The European Society for the Study of English).


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Section report 3.3.: Globalization, Transnational Literatures, and Cross-Cultural Understanding (Nr.17)

Understanding ‚The Other‘: Representations of Native Americans in Mari Sandoz’s The Story Catcher (15.Nr.)

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