Stocchetti, Matteo

Stocchetti, Matteo has got his PhD in International Relations from the University of Bologna. At present he is a Research Fellow at the Arcada Institute of Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to political science and international relations, his domains of interest include social psychology and the history of knowledge. His current research work is focused on the power dimension of mediated communication; his articles include: The War against Iraq in Transnational Broadcasting in Global War – local Views. Media Images of the Iraq Conflict (2005); The Politics of Fear in Discourse, War and Terrorism (2005), Dangerous Metaphors: The Media Coverage of the American Crusade in Implications of the Sacred in the (Post)modern (2005); Wagging the Dog or Serving the Cause? Assessing the impact of ICTs and intelligibility in transnational broadcasting war coverage in Millenium: Journal of International Studies (2003). He is currently doing research within the project Metacultural Intelligibility in Broadcasting.


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