Su, Lily I-wen

Su, Lily I-wen, Professor at Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University. She is particularly interested in the pragmatic account of language use, taking into consideration the importance of context and human cognition.  What follows are some areas she has explored recently:

  • Semantic change in relation to context and pragmatic factors.
  • Form-meaning correlation via construction approach.
  • Meaning understanding through metaphor and metonymy.
  • Categorization and human cognition.

Recent Publications

  • Su, Lily I-wen and Shuping Huang. 2006. Polysemy and Categorization: Implications to Corpus Documentation. In Streams Converging into an Ocean: Festschrift in Honor of Professor Paul Jen-Kuei Li on His 70th Birthday, 415-438. Taipei: Academia Sinica.  
  • Su, Lily I-wen. 2005. Conditional Reasoning as a Reflection of Mind. Language and Linguistics, 6(4), 655-680.
  • Huang, Shuping and Su, Lily I-wen. 2005. Iconicity as Evidenced in Saisiyat Linguistic Coding of Causative Events. Oceanic Linguistics, 44(2), 341-356.
  • Su, Lily I-wen. 2005. The Cultural Impacts by the Chinese and the Japanese on the Formosan Tribes: A Linguistic Point of View.  Newsletter for the Study       of East Asian Civilizations 6: 15-22.
  • Su, Lily I-wen. 2004. Subjectification and the Use of the Complementizer SHUO. Concentric: Studies of Linguistics 30 (1): 19-40.
  • Cheung, Hintat and Su, Lily I-wen. 2004. Common Yardstick for English Education in Taiwan.  Electronic Journal of English Education in Taiwan, Volume 5. (
  • Su, Lily I-wen. 2003. On Teaching English Communicative Competence.  In Perspectives of Teaching English to Young Learners.  Taipei: Bookman.  13-34.
  • Su, Lily I-wen. 2002.  What Can Metaphor Tell Us About Culture?
  • Language and Linguistics 3(3): 589-614, Taipei: Academia Sinica.


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