Suciu, I. Nicolae, born

Suciu, I. Nicolae, born 1956 in Bârlad, Romania. Painter, Member of U.A.P.R. (Romanian Artists Union), President of Baia Mare branch of U.A.P. PhD in visual Arts (Thesis: “LANDSCAPE – Typological Structures and Aesthetic Models in the Paintings of the Baia Mare Art Centre. From Plein-air to Transavanguard (1896 – 2002)”, Professor in the Department of Arts, Faculty of Letters, North University of Baia Mare.

Exhibitions: 17 one-man shows in Romania; 78 group exhibitions in Romania; 40 one-man shows and group exhibitions abroad (Hungary, the Ukraine, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zeeland, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, U.S.A., Slovakia, Vietnam, Wales, Tchech Republic, Croatia etc.).

Prizes and Awards:

  • 1st Prize for painting (Students National Arts Festival, Bucharest, 1979;
  • Special Prize for ceramics painting, National Ceramics Symposia, Bucharest, 1986;
  • 2nd Prize in the Graphics ( Voroneţiana Art Competition Festival, Suceava, 1987;
  • Writers Union Prize in the Mihai Eminescu Centennial National Ceramics Exhibition,
  • Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, 1989;
  • 2nd Prize in the National Glass and Ceramics Salon, National Art Museum, Bucharest, 1989;
  • Diploma in recognition of personal artistic output, awarded by the Baia Mare Local Council and
  • Township, 1999;
  • 110 years (1896-2006) Diploma of Excellence and Commemorative Plaque, awarded by the Baia
  • Mare Township for the contribution to enhancing the prestige of the Baia Mare Art Centre, May 5,
  • 2006;
  • Certificate of Civic Recognition, awarded by the Baia Mare Township for the contribution to the
  • development of culture and art in 2000 – 2002, Baia Mare, 2003;
  • Grand Prize for Arts, awarded by the Baia Mare Township, May 2005;
  • Prize of Excellence in Culture, awarded by the local daily Gazeta de Maramureş, November 2006,
  • Baia Mare.
  • Excellence Prize in Culture, 2008, Baia Mare 

Works in Private Collections and in Museums in Romania and Abroad:
Canada, USA, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Israel, Italy, Greece,
Australia, India, Hungary, Argentina, Japan.


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