Szigeti, Katalin

Szigeti, Katalin: Student of the University of Szeged. Demonstrator of Applied Health Sciences and Health Promotion Institute. Scientific Co-Worker of the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Institute. Charter Member, Coordinator and Member of the Management Board of the Central-Eastern-European Recreational Association. BaoDaoYin® Spinal Therapeutist.

Research areas: Sport and Recreational Motivations, Nutritional Supplement Using Habits, Degenerative Diseases of Spine and its Manual and Motion Therapy.

Scientific Activities and Achievements: 19th International Conference on Sport Sciences for Students, 3rd place (2010). XXIX. National Conference of Scientific Students, Special Award (2009). Erasmus Scholarship (2009). Departmental Conference of Scientific Students, 1st place (2008). Republican Scholarship (2008). Application invited by Démász Zrt. and the Law Faculty of University of Szeged, 3rd place (2007).

Educations: Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Field of Study: Spinal Therapy (2009-). Brunel University, London, United Kingdom, Field of Study: Health Studies (2009). University of Szeged, Gyula Juhász Faculty of Education, Applied Health Sciences and Health Promotion Institute, Field of Study: Recreation and Health Promotion (2007-).


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