Szívós, Mihály

Szívós, Mihály: Studied philosophy, sociology, history and mathematics at the University ELTE, Budapest (Hungary). Graduated in sociology and history in 1977. Obtained his Ph.D. degree in philosophy in 1992. The topic of his dissertation was the origin and interpretation of the Hegelian logic. Senior researcher at the HAS-BTU R&D and Regional Development Research Group, makes investigations into science and technology studies, and into the problems of the Hungarian research system. In philosophy his research fields include the theory of personal and tacit knowledge, philosophy of signs, problems of appearance, the history of philosophical thinking in the 20th century in Hungary, and some areas of Classical German Philosophy. In semiotics, he deals with literary semiotics and with code. Worked in Italy, Austria, France, Great-Britain and Germany, as well as at the Open Society Institute Prague and at the Central European University Budapest. Published about forty papers. These works were published in English, French, German and Hungarian languages. Publications in Hungarian: Denis Diderot: First Satire, Second Satire. Rameau´s Nephew, He and Me (translations, notes and studies on the works) Budapest: Pannonklett 1997. The History of Appearance. From the Beginnings Until the Middle of the First Century B.C. Budapest: çron 2000. The Theory of Personal and Tacit Knowledge. Antecedents, Emergence of the Theory and New Perspectives, Budapest: NTK 2005.

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