Taub, Myer

Taub, Myer was awarded a PhD in drama from the University of Cape Town in July 2009. His Doctoral thesis is called: ‘Lessons from an aftermath: recovery of self through trans-disciplinary applied drama practice’. Soon after, he was awarded a Research Fellowship at the Research Centre: Visual Identities and Design, (VIAD) University of Johannesburg and an interdisciplinary artists residency at The Bag Factory Artist’s Studios, Fordsburg. More recently, Dr. Taub has been awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Johannesburg’s Research Centre,(VIAD) and the National Research Foundation of South Africa. The research program involves initiating several inter-disciplinary performance projects in Johannesburg focusing on the city and the self, memory and redemptive theories.  

Email: myersuniverse@gmail.com

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Florence: Reforming a proposal of performance

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