Teleoaca, Anca Irinel

Teleoaca, Anca Irinel: born in Romania. Working at the „Lower Danube“ University of Galati since 1999. BA in English language and literature/ Romanian language and literature (1996). MA in Translation and Interpretation (2000). PhD in Philology (2005, Diss.: Disclosing the Metaphorical Essence of E-Language: A Lexico-Semantic Approach to Computer Terminology). Main area of interest: computer/Internet language (mainly as EST). Author of a number of web articles and reviews, national and international conference papers and articles on aspects belonging or connected to the domains of computers, Internet, education, language, etc. Other professional interests are related to cultural identity development within the European Union context and the impact of English as lingua franca on the European languages. Member of the Applied Modern Languages Department in the Faculty of Letters and Theology. Member of the Applied Modern Department in the Faculty of Foreign Languages from the University of Bucharest since 2004.


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Culturally -Embedded Concepts via Internet. A Contrastive Study (15.Nr.)

Report: Re-Shaping Eastern Communities’ Patterns through the European Union Context (16.Nr.)

Languages and Education in Romania. Past and Present (16.Nr.)

Coding & Decoding The Chat World (16.Nr.)

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