Tóth, Lea Éva

Tóth, Lea Éva: Student of University of Szeged. Charter Member of the Central-Eastern-European Recreational Association. Scientific Co-worker of the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Institute.

Educations: Bibarcz Tünde Fitness School, Szeged, Swim trainer (2009–2010), University of Szeged, Gyula Juhász Faculty of Education, Institute of Applied Health Sciences and Health Promotion, Field of Study: Recreation and Health Promotion (2006-).

Scientific Activities and Achievements: 19th International Conference on Sport Sciences for Students (3rd place, 2010). Charter Member of the Central-Eastern-European Recreational Association (2010). Publishing in Hungarian Review of Sport Sciences (2009). Volunteer of Bátor Tábor (rowing and line-fishing, 2009–). XXIX. National Conference of Scientific Students (Special Award, 2009). Departmental Conference of Scientific Students (1st place, 2008). Publications

Research areas: Sport and Recreational Motivations, Nutritional Supplement Using Habits, Therapeutic Recreation.

Email: toth.lea.eva@gmail.com

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