Tupitsyn, Andrey

Tupitsyn, Andrey, born1970 in Orel, Russia. Director of the firm „579 Ltd“. Postgraduate of the presidential program of chief managers training. Research field: economy of service and personality-oriented civil society.

Wrote six publications. Last publications in Russian:

  • Metaphysical views about strategic marketing. In: Post-industrial civilization and culture of control and management. Orel: ORAGS, 2005.
  • Interrelation and interaction of innovation, interaction and reproductions at the computer market. In: Innovations and traditions: metaphysical and phenomenological aspects of control and management. Orel: ORAGS, 2006.

Email: abv@orl.ru

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Metaphysische Auffassung vom strategischen Marketing (15.Nr.)

Wechselbeziehung und Wechselwirkung von Innovationen, Traditionen und Reproduktionen am Computermarkt (16.Nr.)

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