Tweraser, Felix

Tweraser, Felix is Associate Professor of German at Utah State University (Logan). He is the recipient of Fulbright and NEH fellowships and served as Book Review Editor for German Quarterly from 2001-2004. His research spans contemporary Austrian literature and politics and the works of Arthur Schnitzler; publications include: “Paris Calling Vienna: The Congress for Cultural Freedom and Friedrich Torberg’s Editorship of Forum” [Austrian Studies 13 (2005): 158-72]; “Imagining Jörg Haider: Artistic Responses to the Rise of the FPÖ and the Democratization of the Austrian Public Sphere” [Colloquia Germanica 36.3/4 (2003): 291-306]; “Schnitzler’s Turn to Prose Fiction: The Depiction of Consciousness in Selected Narratives.” [In: A Companion to the Works of Arthur Schnitzler, ed. Dagmar Lorenz (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2003)] 149-86; and Political Dimensions of Arthur Schnitzler’s Late Fiction (Columbia, SC: Camden House, 1998). He is currently working on a monograph on Austrian literature and Cold War politics, with particular emphasis on the career of Friedrich Torberg.



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