Uzilevsky, Gennady

Uzilevsky, Gennady: professor, Dr. of science, senior research worker, born 1936in Orel, Russia. research field : semiotics, applied linguistics, sociology, economy and management, ergonomics, human-computer interaction, information sciences; founder of several new scientific specializations: ergonomical semiotics, anthropological semiotics, semiotic methaphysics, metaphysical sociology. works at Orel Regional Academy of State Service as professor of two chairs: sociology and psychology of control and management and economy and management. member of American Society of Human Factors in 1992-1999; wrote more than 300 papers, among them 20 books; more than 20 papers published in English; Last publications in Russian: 1. The beginnings of ergonomic semiotics. – Orel: ORAGS, 2000, 408 p.; 2. Introduction into anthropological semiotics. – Orel: Publishing House of the newspaper „Orlovskaya Pravda, 2002, 158 p.; 3. State Service Worker and postindustrial civilization.- Orel: ORAGS, 2004.; 4. Language of poses: in two parts. Orel: Orel Branch of humanitarian Academy, 2005.


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Section Report: Transition to Societies of Wisdom as a Condition of Cities and Towns Development in XXI Century (18.Nr.)

Section report 8.19.: Transformation of personality oriented civil society in the context of being and development of economy od service and post-industrial civilization (17.Nr.)

Report: Inner and Outer Determinants of Innovations, Reproduction and Traditions: Synthetic Approach (16.Nr.)

Innovationen, Reproduktionen und Traditionen im Kontext der Evolution des Menschengeschlechts im XXI. Jahrhundert aus der Sicht der metaphysischen Semiotik (16.Nr.)

Report: Post-industrial civilization and culture (15.Nr.)

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