Veivo, Harri

Veivo, Harri: Professor of Semiotics, University of Helsinki, The Finnish Network University of Semiotics (Finland). 2001: PhD in comparative literature from the University of Helsinki. Docent at the Institute of Art Research. Research interests include general semiotics, literary semiotics, semiotics of space, and French literature and culture. Publications: The Written Space (Acta Semiotica Fennica X, 2001). Semiotiikka merkeist mieleen ja kulttuuriin (Semiotics from signs to mind and culture; together with Tomi Huttunen, Edita 1999). Also edited the RS/SI special issue on Peirce and the Study of Literature (1-2-3/2004). Published numerous articles in scientific journals in Finland and abroad. Currently editing with Bo Pettersson and Merja Polvinen Cognition and Literary Interpretation in Practice (Helsinki University Press, forthcoming in October 2005).


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