Velica, Marius

Velica, Marius: 35 years old. Has been working at the Lower Danube University of Galati since February 1999. BA in English language and literature / Romanian language and literature (1997). MA in Translation and Interpretation (2000). PhD in Philology (2005, Diss.: Tendencies in the Journalese of the 3rd Millennium). Member of the Applied Modern Languages Department in the Faculty of Letters and Theology since he began working there. His areas of interest are semiotics and media studies as treated, except for articles written during his MA studies, papers presented at various national and international conferences and articles published so far, whose focus is on aspects belonging or connected to these two areas.


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Visual Signs: Vectors of ‘Shaping’ Reality (16.Nr.)

Magazine Photos: A Cultural Semiotic Perspective (15.Nr.)

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