Vielmini, Fabrissi

Vielmini, Fabrissi, currently associated researcher at Milan’s ISPI (“Istituto Studi Politica Internazionale”). The author is specializing in Central Asian affairs since 1995. From 2002 onward has been living in the region, where has worked for OSCE and for other commercial and analytical projects. In this perspective, he was a research fellow for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Almaty, working in cooperation with the Kazakhstani Institute for Strategic Studies. Having a background of both OSCE official and analyst he could closely follow the main Central Asian political, social and economic events and extensively travel around the region, often in remote and potentially conflict areas, thus becoming acquainted not only with a number of officials and civil society representatives, but also with the day to day life of local people, their aspirations and needs. He was as well twice a lecturer at the Institute of Central Asia of Xinjiang University (Urumqui). As an analyst he concentrates on foreign powers tussle for influence on the region and its consequences for Central Asian stability. He has published a number of studies on the history and the instruments of Anglo-American penetration of the region and its strategic thought, signed by geopolitical thought of the beginning of the XIX century. Virtually bilingual in Russian, he is interested in analysing the broader intellectual and strategic context of the Imperial extension to Central Asian region in order to understand the continuity and perspectives of today Russian enterprise in the region.


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