Voeste, Anja

Voeste, Anja, Dr. Phil: 1994-1997: PhD in German linguistics, University of Hanover: „Varianz und Vertikalisierung. Zur Normierung der Adjektivdeklination in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts“ (Rodopi, Amsterdam/Atlanta 1999). 1997-1998: wiss. Mitarbeiterin (lecturer) in German studies/language history, Fachbereich Germanistik, Free University of Berlin. 1999-2005: wiss. Assistentin (lecturer) in German studies/language history, Institut für Germanistik, University of Potsdam. 11/2005 – DFG scholar: In my higher doctorate thesis (Habilitationsschrift) I describe changes in spelling habits of the C16 by means of a new theory of innovations. In a monograph to be completed during my scholarship, I outline the trendsetting role of the typesetters. Their practical view in combination with a (re)analysis of word structures led to new spellings which are part of German orthography until today.

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