Volchenko, Vladimir

Volchenko, Vladimir, Dr. habil., professor of the Moscow N.E. Bauman state technical university, born in 1927. He is the author of more than 200 papers, academician of Russian academy of natural sciences, chaiman of rector’s interdisciplinary scientific- philosophical seminar “Homo” (its site: www.bmstu.ru/~ecoethika). Sphere of scientific interests of scientific interests: problems of information safety of civil society, formation of contemporary world outlook (Weltanschauung), mountaineering.


  1. Contemporary world outlook and ecoethics of XXI century. Moscow: BMSTU, 2001, 347 p.
  2. Ecoethics in holistic world outlook of XXI century. The system of holistic education and convince In: Works of scientific congress “Ecoethics – XXI century”. Moscow, 2004, p. 17-28.


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