Wagner, Tamara S.

Wagner, Tamara S., obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2002 and is currently assistant professor of English Literature at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Her books include Longing: Narratives of Nostalgia in the British Novel, 1740–1890 (2004), Occidentalism in Novels of Malaysia and Singapore, 1819–2004: Colonial and Postcolonial Financial Straits and Literary Style (2005), and Victorian Fiction: Plotting Money and the Novel Genre, 1815–1901 (forthcoming). Wagner’s current projects include research on diasporic fiction and a study of the changing cultural fictions of the “shabby genteel.” She is also editing a collection of essays on nineteenth-century consumer culture.

Email: tamarasilviawagner@yahoo.com.sg

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Transforming the Diaspora’s Fictionalisation: Re-Presenting Self-Orientalisation (17.Nr.)

Victims of Boutique Multiculturalism: Malaysian Chinese and Peranakan Women Writers and the Dangers of Self-Exoticisation (16.Nr.)

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