Withalm, Gloria

Withalm, Gloria is Senior Researcher (tenured) and Lecturer at the History of Culture and Civilization Department, University of Applied Arts Vienna. Apart from 20th century Austrian cultural history, the topics of her courses include cultural semiotics, semiotics and history of the media. Her research interests concern the presentation of history in television programs; the depiction of disabled people in movies; violence and/in film; general semiotics, sociosemiotics, and media semiotics; her main area of specialization is the analysis of modes of self-reflexive discourse in narrative films and television programs. She has written numerous articles in journals and collective volumes and co-authored two books on these topics; the list of co-edited volumes include more than 40 special/topical issues of journals and books (among them Media old and new. 8th Austro-Hungarian Semio-Philosophical Colloquium = Semiotische Berichte 27(1-4) (ed., together with J. Bernard, Wien 2003), and Macht der Zeichen – Zeichen der Macht. Festschrift für Jeff Bernard / Signs of Power – Power of Signs. Essays in Honor of Jeff Bernard„(ed., together with Joseph Wallmannsberger, Wien 2004).

Since the 1980s she acted as co-editor of the journals S–European Journal for Semiotic Studies and Semiotische Berichte. She is Secretary General of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Semiotik/Austrian Association for Semiotic Studies ÖGS/AAS and in June 2010 she succeeded the late Jeff Bernard in his function as chairman and director of the Institute for Socio-Semiotic Studies ISSS in Vienna; 1984 she became the national representative of Austria to the Executive Comittee of the International Association for Semiotic Studies IASS-AIS, 1984–2004 she was elected member of the board of the IASS-AIS (first Treasurer, then Assistant Secretary General), in 2004 she was appointed Honorary President of the IASS-AIS.

Website: http://www.uni-ak.ac.at/culture/withalm

Email: gloria.withalm@uni-ak.ac.at

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