Wong, Yu Cheung

Wong, Yu Cheung, Prof.Dr. Ph.D (The University of Hong Kong), is Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong and Director of Master Social Work Programme at his department. He has also served as the coordinator of MSW/MSSM collaboration programme between HKU and Shanghai Fudan University. He teaches social work research, social policy, information technology in human services, and community development at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His major research areas include digital inclusion, internet parenting, internet addiction, and social security in Hong Kong and China. Currently, he is supervising six PhD students in these research areas. He is active in conducting consultancy study for various government departments and NGOs.

Email: ssycwong@hku.hk

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Innovations and Knowledge Transfers through Online Learning: Cultural Representation and Identity of Social Work Students in Chinese Communities (16.Nr.)

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