Zaitseva, Olga

Zaitseva, Olga, born 1953 in Pyatigorsk, Russia. Graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Obtained PhD in1986. Since that time has been teaching at the linguistic university in Pyatigorsk. Major scientific interests: textual analysis, discourse features of the language, pragmatics of English intonation. In this area of research published many articles, a monograph; also took part in linguistic conferences in different towns of Russia. Author of numerous text-books for students of English.

Main publications:

  • Funtional features of English adverbs (monograph). – Pyatigorsk. 2001.
  • Your real English (text-book). – Pyatigork, 2010
  • Pragmatics of English intonation (text-book). – Pyatigork, 2009
  • Get real in English (text-book). – Moscow, 2003


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