Zamyatin, Dmitry

Zamyatin, Dmitry, born 1962. Studied Geography and Economic Geography at the Moscow State University (Bachelor Degree 1983). Ph. D., Moscow State University (1989). Doctor of Science (History and Theory of Culture), Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow (2005). Working at the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical Institute (University), 1983-1985, 1988-1991. Moscow State University, postgraduate course, 1985-1988. Promotion in Moscow Institute of Educational Systems Development, 1991-2002. Associate Professor, Russian University of Peoples Friendship (Moscow), 1997-2003. Since 2002 leading researcher at the Russian State University of Humanities (Moscow). Since 2004 Head of Department at the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage (Moscow).

Author of more than 250 publications, among them 5 monographic works.


Geographical Images Simulation (Smolensk, 1999, in Russian), Geography of Humanities (St. Petersburg, 2003, in Russian), Metageography (Moscow, 2004, in Russian), The Power of Space and the Space of Power (Moscow, 2004, in Russian), The Culture and the Space (Moscow, 2006, in Russian). Russian Capitals. Reading books, co-editor: Moscow and Petersburg (Moscow, 1993, in Russian), Russian Spaces (Moscow, 1994, in Russian), Empire of Space. Geopolitics and Geoculture of Russia (Moscow, 2003, in Russian).

Editorial Board, Vestnik Istoricheskoi Geografii, Moscow, in Russian (from 1996, Vol. 1-3). Editor, almanac Geography of Humanities, Moscow, in Russian, from 2004 (Vol. 1-3, 2004-2006).

Since 1999 coordinator of the Section of Geopolitics and Political Geography, Russian Association of Political Science.


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