Zekiyan, Boghos Levon

Zekiyan, Boghos Levon, Dr.: Professor of Armenian Language and Literature at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and of Armenian Church Institutions at the Pontifical Oriental Institute of Rome. President of the special „Armenian Studies 2004“ Committee of AIEA (Association Internationale d’Études Armeniennés) to celebrate the 16 th centenary of the Armenian Alphabet. Author of fourteen monographs and more than one hundred fifty scholarly articles in six languages. Scholarly interests regard mainly Armenian studies in their different dimensions such as literature and philology, Church history, Armenian thought and identity, as well as philosophical and theological issues, such as the problem of consciousness, the philosophical idea of humanism, the question of Value and the attempt of a theology of ethnicity. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (since 1994). Publications: The first steps of Modern Armenian Theatre and the Movement of Armenian Rebirth in the 18 th century, V enice, 1975 (in Armenian). An Ecumenical Dialogue in the 12 th Century. The negotiations between St. Nerses Shnorhali and the Imperial Legate Theorianos in view of the Union of Churches, Venice, 1978 (in Armenian). Augustinian interiorism. The ontopsychological structure of the Augustinian interiorism and „memoria sui“, Genova, 1980 (in Italian). Humanism. Conceptual contents and historic roots, Istanbul, 1981 (in Turkish). The Armenian way to modernity. Armenian identity between tradition and innovation, specificity and universality, Venice, 1997 (in English). Dialectics between Value and contingency. From cultural phenomenology towards an axiological refunding, Naples, 1998 (in Italian). Armenia and the Armenians : Restless «polis» and Spiritual Homeland. The challenge of a Survival, Milano, 2000 (in Italian).

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